UNVI, the Spanish bus and coach manufacturer, announces PARAMOUNT CONVERSIONS as their sales and after-sales support agent for lreland

UNVI are pleased to announce one of lreland’s leading bus conversion and manufacturing specialists, Paramount Conversions, as the new lrish agent for UNVI Bus and Coach Manufacturers. With more than ten successful years in business, the team at Paramount Conversions have welcomed this premium brand to their Co. Offaly based business.

“We’re pleased to announce the partnership between Paramount Conversions and UNVI . UNVI is a brand we have wanted to work with since we started our business in 2009. At Paramount Conversions we strive for growth and always look for ways to improve our competitive edge. Having worked with the UNVI brand previously, we feel this is the ideal…

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Egged, Israel’s largest public transport operator, has just taken delivery of the first of four new UNVI SIL double-decker buses ordered to MAN Truck & Bus importer Automotive Equipment & Trucks.

These buses have a MAN chassis with the UNVI SIL body reaching 4.2 metres in height and 13 metres in length with capacity for 83 passengers plus a wheelchair. The vehicles have been developed in accordance with Israeli market regulations and requirements, such as a powerful air conditioning unit and 7.5 m3 of luggage capacity.

You can watch the video of the UNVI SIL on this link – https://youtu.be/D8_Caj1qp_s on our UNVI Youtube channel.

The pilot project to be carried out…

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New order of our UNVI SIL DoubleDecker bus for Sweden

A completely new bodywork will arrive to Sweden shortly. In December 2022, Bergkvarabuss will receive 23 UNVI SIL buses over MAN chassis for the regional service which they have been recently awarded in Söderslätt and Österlen, in the Skåne region. Svenska Neoplan together with the Spanish Bodybuilder UNVI, has developed a double-decker bus adapted to the Swedish Express buses’ segment.
The MAN chassis has a D26RME engine with 470 CV and 6 cylinders, and the body has a 14,2 meters length and a total height of 4,2m.
As mentioned by Jonas Helsner, Svenska Neoplan’s Sales Manager, this is a growing segment in Sweden, and with this UNVI SIL Intercity model, Neoplan…

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UNVI C21, our new city bus available in diesel, CNG or 100% electric propulsion

The brand new URBAN UNVI whose commercial name is UNVI C21 (C stands for City) is the natural evolution of our URBIS body, of which more than 700 units have been sold throughout the life of this model.
The new UNVI C21 urban body model has a modular design that allows different types of bodywork: 100% electric, CNG or diesel. Available in class I and class II versions.
Its launch was a success since its inception since UNVI has already delivered more than 100 UNVI C21 units to date to different clients, both national and export.



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Vega GGG2

Golden Green Travel of Longnor, Buxton have added two further UNVI Vega’s to its fleet

Golden Green Travel of Longnor, Buxton have added two further UNVI Vega’s to its fleet, supplied by UNVI UK / 07787 767401.
Both are 22 seat vehicles with powered entrance doors, coach rear with boot, panoramic double glazed glass and reverse camera. Interior features include centre sunken gangway, USB and full audio with PA system.

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Kineil Coaches Ltd have taken delivery of two new UNVI Vega EX

Kineil Coaches Ltd have taken delivery  of these two stunning new 21-reg Mercedes-Benz / UNVI Vega EX mini coaches. Both are 5.5T Sprinter 516CDI base vehicles and have Mercedes-Benz 7G-tronic auto transmission, Webasto air conditioning and fridges. One has 19 luxury passenger seats and enlarged panoramic saloon windows, the other has 22 passenger seats.

Both vehicles have been sold through UNVI sales agent in Scotland, Coachtraders Ltd.

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The brand-new model UNVI C21 (C of City), is a fully renewal of URBIS model.

Over Scania chassis it will be assembled for the 79-buses order which is being delivered during the first quarter in 2021 to EMPRESA MARTÍN, from GRUPO RUIZ, for its transport contract in Cascais, Portugal.

UNVI C21 modular design allows body building with different powertrains: fully electric, CNG or diesel.

EMPRESA MARTÍN, S.A. is one of the main Spanish companies with more than 33 million transported passengers, being awarded with public contracts for regular Passenger lines since 1965.

Due to its continuous growth, there is a new public contact with the Cámara de Cascais, which has recently awarded the…

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UNVI renews its factory in Porto, Portugal

UNVI, with more than 25 years of experience as bus bodybuilder, in its desire to reinforce its long-term strategy, has undertaken a complete reform of its facilities in Porto (Portugal).
The factory was built in the mid-1960s and has been owned by UNVI since 2006.
The renovation began in 2018 and has been completed in spring 2020. The inauguration has been postponed as it could not be otherwise for prevention during COVID19 period.
For UNVI it has been a very important investment. All areas have been renewed to adapt the facilities to our standards, contributing absolutely to achieve the vision of our company: “Consolidate UNVI as a benchmark company in moving solutions…

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